Sad Model Phillies Fan Vs. Dolphins Blogger

Sad Model Phillies Fan Vs. Dolphins Blogger


Sad Model Phillies Fan Vs. Dolphins Blogger

Vanessa Veasley is a model, video girl and a Phillies fan. This weekend she was a sad Phillies fan after Ryan Howard struck out looking. Jill Ricard is a Dolphins’ blogger. Both are very active on Twitter and take plenty of bikini pictures.

Veasley uses plixi for her personal internetting pictures and I would post some, but this is a family site and this girl’s pictures look like they should be the cover of King magazine. So check her pictures at your bosses discretion.

Dolfanjill sticks with the traditional Twitpic. I’ll also let you explore her pictures on your own time, but will tell you she has a few more sports related pictures than our depressed Phillies fan. You guys can argue both sports fans merits in the comments. I have important blogging to do.

*Googles Vanessa Veasley* (Warning: Not recommended for people with actual jobs)

Update: Both Vanessa and Jill have seen the post and have responded favorably via Twitter. Hooray!

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