Dallas Cowboys 2010 Obituary

Dallas Cowboys 2010 Obituary


Dallas Cowboys 2010 Obituary

The Dallas Cowboys 2010 season died last night in the Jerry Dome. It was seven weeks old. The official cause of death was Tony Romo’s broken clavicle, which was suffered when fullback Chris Gronkowski didn’t pick up the blitz and the Dallas quarterback was pulverized by New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley. Romo’s shoulder was powerfully driven into the turf and he lay writhing in pain.

Jon Kitna’s futile attempts to resurrect the Cowboys failed.

Born in August 2010 with Super Bowl aspirations, the Cowboys never could live up to the lofty preseason expectations and failed to become the first team in league history to play a Super Bowl in its own stadium. Though Romo’s broken clavicle caused the death, the patient had been suffering for weeks due to silly penalties, inept coaching, costly turnovers, and a vastly overrated secondary.

The 2010 Cowboys will be survived by … that remains unclear at the moment, but Jason Lisk has a few ideas, which will be presented later. Enjoy Steve Smith’s grave dancing.

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