Marcin Gortat Thinks New York Stinks

Marcin Gortat Thinks New York Stinks


Marcin Gortat Thinks New York Stinks

The Orlando Magic are in New York to play the Knicks on Tuesday night. Magic backup center Marcin Gortat is looking forward to playing against Amar’e Stoudemire, but he’s got mixed feelings about the city because, to quote Jay Sherman, “It stinks.”

“The only thing I remember from New York is, it’s sad, but it’s terribly dirty and it smells bad too,” Gortat said.

“I know New York fans will hate me probably [for saying that] … It’s an incredible city, great city, great fans, a lot of fans, a lot of famous people … but one of the memories I’ve got is it’s a dirty place and it smells bad.”

He’s not quite John Rocker, but its a start.

[The Parquet Report, Greatest yearbook photo ever via Getty]

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