Todd Haley Refuses Josh McDaniels' Handshake

Todd Haley Refuses Josh McDaniels' Handshake


Todd Haley Refuses Josh McDaniels' Handshake

At the conclusion of Denver’s 49-29 victory over Kansas City, Chiefs coach Todd Haley refused to shake Josh McDaniels’ hand (video after the jump), and instead wagged his finger at the Broncos’ coach and offered some heated words.

According to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, Haley was upset about the Broncos keeping starters in during the fourth quarter, blitzing, and max protecting and throwing downfield with a big lead.

The complaint that the Chiefs pulled Jamaal Charles last year with 2:43 left when he could have tried for the all-time rushing record is irrelevant. In fact, Denver did call off the dogs, and get outscored 12-0 at the end of the game. They called five runs, and two short passes on third down, and did not have any more first downs after the touchdown that made it 49-17 with 11:55 left. Denver did go for it on fourth down at the KC 32 (after the Chiefs had just gone for it to continue to try deep in their own territory), but that is a legitimate play to end the game at the two minute warning. Trying the long field goal to add points would have been more trying to run up the score than going for it to end the game.

If Haley sent up the white flag and conceded defeat at the beginning of the fourth quarter, then I think he has a point. Otherwise, I think he needs to shake hands there and keep his cool.  This isn’t high school or college football, where teams can be widely diverse in talent, and teams trailing by a large margin have no chance. I mean, the Chiefs kept their starters in, and Matt Cassel threw for about 400 more meaningless yards after the Chiefs were down big. I don’t get coaches who get upset about situations like this if they themselves haven’t given up. Haley needs to act less like a toddler and more like a leader. [Photo via Getty]

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