Giants-Eagles: Will We See A Miracle at the Linc?

Giants-Eagles: Will We See A Miracle at the Linc?


Giants-Eagles: Will We See A Miracle at the Linc?

Thirty-two years ago, almost to the day (November 19, 1978), this rivalry produced one of the craziest and most improbable finishes in NFL history. 

The Giants had intercepted Ron Jaworski to seemingly end the game with a 17-12 lead.  On 3rd and 2, with the Eagles out of timeouts and 31 seconds left, the Giants’ offensive coordinator, Bob Gibson, inexplicably called for a running play with a handoff from Joe Pisarcik to fullback Larry Csonka, when a kneel down would have effectively ended the game.  The rest, as they say, is history, as Pisarcik fumbled the exchange with Csonka, and Herm Edwards picked up it up and returned it for a game winning touchdown.

Tonight’s matchup is a heavyweight matchup, as both of these teams pass the ball well, stop the pass, and rush the ball efficiently.  The Giants are better at stopping the run, but have committed 25 turnovers to this point in the season to negate much of their advantage.  The Eagles are the most exciting offense in the league when Michael Vick is playing, as his rocket arm and ability to move to open up space are the perfect complement for the speed of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  Vick is facing the most formidable defense he has gone against since he came off the bench against Green Bay back in the season opener.

The Giants have racked up wins against weaker opposition until last week’s letdown at home against Dallas, but have only the Sunday Night win against Chicago as a victory over a team with a winning record.  The winner of this game will take a large step toward a first round bye.  The loser will look forward to the rematch in a month.  [photo via Getty]

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