The Roundup: San Diego Chargers Look Super

The Roundup: San Diego Chargers Look Super


The Roundup: San Diego Chargers Look Super

Taylor Swift … 19 senators who voted to censor the internet … man devastated by death of Bear he fed for years … “Exotic dancer allegedly stabs another dancer” … cat saves woman after house catches fire … to anyone who has to go to an airport today – good luck! … El Paso is the safest American city … because you guys love hats … interactively, fix the budget … faculty member resigns over text messages to student … fantastic read about kids growing up in the digital age … female teacher who was banging student is pregnant … lotto winner has to pay ex-wife who left him 10 years ago? …

Chargers 35, Broncos 14. On overreaction Tuesday, we fully expect many people to proclaim the Chargers – just now getting healthy! – Super Bowl bound. [Union Tribune, SI]

Anyone else feel like the NFL is discouraging physical play? [Post-Gazette]

Raymond Felton of the Knicks isn’t having early success with the pick and roll. [Basketball Prospectus]

Former Auburn coach Pat Dye defends the school in regards to the Cam Newton situation. []

Sid Hartman really, really wants to blame the Vikings players, not the coaches. Whatever, Sid. [Star Tribune]

Michigan State was nearly upset last night by Chaminade in Maui. [Freep]

The seven times in NFL history one player has had more yardage than his team. [PFR Blog]

Remember that 2006 report that shot holes in the global warming claims? Looks like the report was plagiarized. [USA Today]

A Ray Lewis dance-off happened. In Charlotte. [via Guyism]

How quickly are these guys generating these videos? Soon, they’ll have them ready to go the day after a scandal. [via Hot Clicks]

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