Nevada Upsets Boise State 34-31 in Overtime

Nevada Upsets Boise State 34-31 in Overtime


Nevada Upsets Boise State 34-31 in Overtime

Park the bus.  Deflate the balloons.  America’s darlings have fallen. Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman missed the game-winning field goal in regulation and the go-ahead field goal in the first overtime. Nevada upset Boise State 34-31, ending their chances to play in the Rose Bowl and the BCS Title Game.  They are just another WAC team, one that just cost itself millions.

For anyone who fell asleep, here’s a brief recap of events.

Nevada is down 31-24 and drives the length of the field. They score on a 7-yard Kaepernick pass to Rishard Matthews, tying the game at 31-31 with 13 seconds remaining.

Kellen Moore gets the ball back with nine seconds and one timeout from his own 37. Nevada, for some unknown reason, decide to rush four and to only play two deep. Moore completes a 54-yard bomb over the middle to Titus Young, placing them on the nine-yard line with two seconds left.

Boise State kicker Kyle, who had missed one field goal all season inside the 50, misses the 26-yard field goal (debatably because it was hard to tell with the short goal posts). Moore is robbed of his Flutie highlight. The game goes to overtime.

The Broncos get the ball first in overtime. They drive to the 12-yard-line. Brotzman lines up for the 29-yard field goal and misses again. Poor kid…

Nevada needs a field goal to win. On three plays they drive to the 17. Anthony Martnez nails the 34-yard field goal. Ball game.

First, credit the Wolfpack who were not the little sisters of the poor. Just to emphasize how much of a clueless buffoon E. Gordon Gee is. Both Ohio State and Nevada will be 11-1 after tomorrow. Using Sagarin ratings Nevada’s best three wins (Boise State 4, California 27, Hawaii 32) trump Ohio State’s best three wins (Iowa 21, Miami 30, Illinios 36). Their quarterback is also a Heisman candidate on merit.

The loss clarifies the BCS Title picture. Oregon and Auburn win and they’re in. TCU will be the first team into the game should either falter. Based on their respective resumes, it’s hard to argue that’s not fair.

For 11-1 Boise State, the loss means they will share the WAC title with Nevada and Hawaii. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl has first WAC pick, meaning Boise State will likely face an at large team in San Francisco on Jan. 9. Yikes! Seeing his margin for error, you have to wonder if Chris Petersen will soften his dream job stance.