Week 12 Picks, For Entertainment Purposes

Week 12 Picks, For Entertainment Purposes


Week 12 Picks, For Entertainment Purposes

A  rough week last week dropped me closer to flipping a coin again.  I went 5-11 last week overall, dropping the season record to 69-65-5.  Games I like are 29-25-2, Leans are 29-22-2, and Guesses are 21-28-1.  I’m going to try and turn it around this week with some road teams at the top. 

1.  Tennessee (+6) at HOUSTON, 1 pm. I know that Tennessee just played a bad game and has a rookie QB starting, but this line seems an overreaction.  Houston has no business being this large a favorite with that pass defense.  I look for the Titans to play well defensively and to be able to make enough offensive plays to win outright.

2.  San Diego (+3) at INDIANAPOLIS, Sunday night. The Chargers have consistently played the Colts tough in recent years, and have had no difficulties in Indianapolis.  The Chargers are starting to get healthy, and have been playing better lately.

3.  Green Bay (+2) at ATLANTA, 1 pm. The Green Bay defense is playing really well, tied for the league lead in points allowed.  They should have success stopping Michael Turner, and I look for Green Bay to have more success in the passing game than Atlanta will.  More on the Atlanta home record under Ryan in the 1 pm post.

4.  Kansas City (+2.5) at SEATTLE, 4 pm. I’m going with the team that has played better recently, as Seattle has been destroyed in games where the opponent was not named Arizona.  This game would also be huge in the quest for a 7-9 division winner.

5.  NY GIANTS (-7) vs. Jacksonville, 1 pm. New York is down both Smith and Nicks, yet I still like their chances in making plays down the field.  Eugene Monroe is out for Jacksonville, and I look for the Giants’ defense to step up with a better game.


6.  Miami (+2) at OAKLAND, 4 pm. I am a glutton for Tyler Thigpen’s special brand of punishment.  Bruce Gradkowski will throw some gritty interceptions.

7.  DENVER (-4) vs. St. Louis, 4 pm. I still can’t believe I picked every NFC West team last week besides Arizona.

8.  Minnesota (+1) at WASHINGTON, 1 pm. Minnesota may actually show up this week with Childress gone.  Laron Landry is out for this one.

9.  San Francisco (-1) at ARIZONA, Monday night. Now that San Francisco has yacked away their chances again, I’m sure they will go on a mini-run.   Arizona is horrible.  I’ve seen enough of both of these teams this year and may have to sit out this one.  I’m kidding, I’ll probably still watch.


10.  Philadelphia (-3.5) at CHICAGO, 4 pm. Vick wil face a tough test on the road.

11.  CLEVELAND (-10) vs. Carolina, 1 pm. When was the last time the Browns were a 10 point favorite over anyone?  My guess is a guy named Belichick may have been the coach. 

12.  BALTIMORE (-7) vs. Tampa Bay, 4 pm. This game got flexed to a later  time slot, and will be a good chance for Tampa to show whether they have really turned the corner or have just been better than the league’s worst teams.

13.  Pittsburgh (-6.5) at BUFFALO, 1 pm. I hope your fantasy team isn’t playing against Rashard Mendenhall today.

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