Derek Jeter to Re-Sign With the Yankees Today!

Derek Jeter to Re-Sign With the Yankees Today!


Derek Jeter to Re-Sign With the Yankees Today!

The New York Post is reporting that the Yankees and Derek Jeter hashed out the final details of a three-year contract last night that will be finalized today. The deal will pay him up to $17 million a season. There’s also an option for a fourth year that will based on performance (both on-field and sexual), Gold Glove consumption and hair loss across the three guaranteed years.

Jeter and his agent, Casey Close, wisely turned the corner quickly in this deal once the “Derek’s being greedy” headlines started making the rounds. Even the most irrational Yankee fans were beginning to turn on Derek. It was time, and now the sports world – along with the TBL commentariat – can breathe again because a famous New York athlete will be staying in New York and continue to move the needle.

Thankfully, the focus will remain in New York as the Yankees turn the page in their checkbook and prepare to make an absurdly rotund offer for the services of Clifton Phifer Lee.

Jeter, Yankees agree: three years, up to $51M, tricky option [NY Post; photo via Getty]

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