Ballin': Brandon Roy's Struggles Continue

Ballin': Brandon Roy's Struggles Continue


Ballin': Brandon Roy's Struggles Continue

Miami 96, New Orleans 84: Nine in a row for the Heat, who got 75 points from the Big 3. Miami’s really only beaten one “good” team in this run – at Utah – and the Hornets have been sputtering for weeks now, anyway. The streak will hit 10 after Miami trounces Cleveland Wednesday, and then 11 when Lebron goes double nickel on the Knicks at MSG Friday. A win Christmas Day against the Lakers will eliminate all those early-season fears. LeBron’s crazy, over-the-backboard shot after the jump.

Utah 108, Golden State 95: The Jazz pulled away in the second half behind MVP candidate Deron Williams (30 points, 10 assists). Do not look directly at the gash on David Lee’s elbow. Gnarly.

Chicago 92, Indiana 73: Six in a row for the torrid Bulls, who got 22 points and 18 boards from Carlos Boozer – his third double-double in five games. Danny Granger (ankle) didn’t play for the 11-12 Pacers. Indiana has that even-Steven, Georgie Costanza feel to it – we’re going on record projecting a 41-41 season.

Milwaukee 103, Dallas 99: Here come … the Bucks? After the early-season injuries and struggles, they’re 10-13 after this splendid road win after trailing by 20 in the second quarter. The bench was cooking last night – Dooling had 16, CDR added 14 and Ilyasova chipped in 12. Worth monitoring: Andrew Bogut went 1-for-6 from the line, where he is shooting 45 percent for the season.

Memphis 86, Portland 73: The Blazers were held to nine points in the fourth quarter and the loss sent them under .500. How’s Brandon Roy’s knee holding up? He’s only shot over 50 percent from the field twice this month, and he’s hitting a career low 41 percent from the field this season. That’s a major bummer because he’s got (had?) a smooth game. It doesn’t look like Portland is playoff-bound, which might open a spot for … Houston or Memphis to sneak in?

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