Ballin': Get Blake Griffin in the All-Star Game

Ballin': Get Blake Griffin in the All-Star Game


Ballin': Get Blake Griffin in the All-Star Game

LA Clippers 105, Milwaukee 98: The Blake Show tallied 32 points, 11 rebounds and six assists – including one memorable one after the jump – and the Paper Clips pulled within six of the 8th seeded Blazers. It’d be a travesty if Griffin didn’t make the Western Conference All-Star team. He wrapped up January averaging 26 points and 13 rebounds per game. He’s one of seven players in the league averaging 20-10. Also, he’s a rookie. Go stuff some ballot boxes.

Indiana 104, Toronto 93: Roy Hibbert, free from the tyrannical reign of the Jim O’Brien, had his best game of the month, scoring 24 points and collecting 11 rebounds. Hibbert went from averaging 15-8 in November to a paltry 8-6 in January. The Raptors have lost 12 in a row, but we’ll start to worry about them when the Cavs’ losing streak is over.

Miami 117, Cleveland 90: Futility resides in Cleveland. Hey Cavs fans, what was more fun – 60-ish wins and a disappointing failure in the playoffs, or 21-straight losses in a row? Poor Byron Scott. Here’s the worst part – even with Mo Williams, Sideshow Bob, Moon, Gibson and Powe healthy next year, this isn’t even a 25-win team.

New Jersey 115, Denver 99: That’s two losses in a row for the Nuggets against dregs of the East (they lost to Philly Sunday). Carmelo showed the Nets what they are missing in a legit star (37 points); Devin Harris showed the Nuggets what they might be missing (he had a career-best 18 assists – he’s got 34 in the last two games). Afterward, ‘Melo chose his words carefully.

Memphis 100, Orlando 97: I’m starting to think the Magic are the Knicks … with Dwight Howard (25 points, 14 rebounds) in place of Amare. Just a streaky 3-point shooting (8-for-32) team that plays indifferent defense. How else to explain losses to the Pistons and Grizzlies this week? You don’t see Boston – when everyone is healthy – playing that badly. Actually, JJ Redick missed the game (shoulder), so not everyone was healthy.

Dallas 102, Washington 92: The Wizards fell to 0-24 on the road this season. On a positive note, John Wall and JaVale McGee have chemistry.

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