Ballin': 25 Straight Losses for the Cavaliers

Ballin': 25 Straight Losses for the Cavaliers


Ballin': 25 Straight Losses for the Cavaliers

Chicago 103, Portland 109: Derrick Rose scored 36 points – highlighted by this filthy crossover-dunk combo; is there a point guard that finishes better? – but there’s no way the Bulls are gonna overcome a a 37-18 free throw disparity on the road. LaMarcus Aldridge had his second 40+ point game of the week, making everyone feel just a little worse about not getting him to the All-Star game. I bet Andre Miller was in the locker room grumbling about it.

LA Lakers 93, Memphis 84: The Lakers played defense in the fourth quarter. Again. Mount Artest caught a Marc Gasol elbow to the face – one of many, apparently – and nearly exploded. The Younger Gasol and Zach Randolph combined to shoot 7-for-28. Sam Young, perhaps inspired by Pitt’s win, led the Grizzlies with 22 points. No point in drawing any conclusions from this Lakers win; we’ll see what happens Thursday in Boston.

Phoenix 104, Golden State 92: The Warriors were blitzed in the first quarter, never recovered, and the home loss prompted this from Monta Ellis: “Think we played terrible. Embarrassed that we just came out and played the way we played.” The Suns made 13 three-pointers and are just 2.5 games back of the 8th spot in the West. They could probably steal a game or two from the Spurs in the playoffs, right?

Houston 108, Denver 103: Melo scored 50. He did not have an assist. The only person that could stop him? Chuck Hayes.

Dallas 99, Cleveland 96: That’s 25 losses in a row for the Cavs, who officially The Biggest Losers and suddenly have a Pittsburgh Pirates feel to them. They won’t be able to attract free agents. We’ve been over the draft situation. How long will they be this bad? Who knew Antawn Jamison was a Bill Murray fan?: “It’s like Groundhog day.”

Boston 89, Charlotte 94: Nice 4th quarter letdown, Celtics. Anyone else think Boston always plays its best on the Sunday Nationally televised games on ABC? They never seem to lose those. Rondo and KG shot a combined 8-for-24, the bench was embarrassed by Gerald Henderson (15 points) and Shaun Livingston (18 points), and the Bobcats were victorious at home. Kwame Brown, who has played some inspired basketball in the last month, showed some toughness going nose-to-nose with Kendrick Perkins (video below). Bad news for Boston – Marquis Daniels, who suffered the neck injury Sunday against Orlando, may be out two months.

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