Cam Newton's Workout Didn't Impress Mike Mayock

Cam Newton's Workout Didn't Impress Mike Mayock


Cam Newton's Workout Didn't Impress Mike Mayock

Trent Dilfer called Cam Newton’s workout “phenomenal” and said NFL scouts would be “slobbering.” analyst Bucky Brooks described it as “absolutely sensational,” and then graded it an A-. Mike Mayock reacted differently to the spectacle. He doesn’t care.

Mayock dismissed the predictive value of a controlled workout.

You and I in gym shorts at the local high school can throw pretty accurately, so I would guarantee you he would look great in a pair of gym shorts.  He would throw with accuracy and arm strength. His mechanics are very good, but I would also offer one cautionary note, and that is the best pro day for a quarterback I ever attended was JaMarcus Russell.

The staged workout did not address his two fundamental questions regarding Newton.

To me, there are two issues with this kid. Issue number one is he came out of a shotgun, and if you watch the tape it’s basically a very simple offense. One read and either the ball was out or he was out. Can he adapt to, can he process and assimilate a very structured and complex pro offense against a complex pro defense? And secondly, and most importantly, when you get to a certain skill level in the NFL, which this kid certainly has, at the quarterback position what kind of kid is he? Is he going to be the first guy in the building? Is he a gym rat? Is he football smart? Is he a leader of men?

We’ll let you dissect the euphemisms, but, essentially, the workout was about appearance. Cam’s an impressive looking athlete.  He’s strapping.  No one knows how he will pan out as an NFL quarterback. Let us be thankful he was working out in a sweatshirt and baggy shorts. Had he been wearing spandex, flushed, clammy analysts would have penciled him into the Hall of Fame.

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