Friday Flashbacks: Death of an Intimidator

Friday Flashbacks: Death of an Intimidator


Friday Flashbacks: Death of an Intimidator

Today is the tenth anniversary of the day that Dale Earnhardt died in a crash on the final lap at the Daytona Motor Speedway. One of the most popular drivers ever, Earnhardt’s death left fans in shock. Thousands gathered near his hometown of Kannapolis, North Carolina to honor Earnhardt.

Miracle on Ice (1980) . . . Braves’ decision to hold Hank Aaron out of season opening series in New York as he chases Babe Ruth draws criticism (1974) . . . Darryl Strawberry on Mets: “we had a team full of drunks” (1995) . . . Wrecking crane begins work on Ebbetts field, abandoned by the Dodgers three years earlier (1960) . . . Roger Clemens becomes a Yankee (1999) . . . Gehrig doesn’t exactly drive a hard bargain, but Babe Ruth has threatened retirement (he would end up on the Braves) (1935) . . . Hockey players get ill from toxic Zamboni (1987) . . . Heisman winner Herschel Walker signs with USFL, then tries to reverse, but is declared ineligible to play for his senior season (1983) . . .

Steffi Graf poses for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, while a young Stephen Douglas dreams of someday covering the event (1997) . . . Baseball begins campaign against drug use (1971) . . . Ferruccio Lamborghini passes away at age 76 (1993) . . . Jim Ryun ate sauerkraut, wieners and onion soup before going out and setting an indoor world record in the half mile (1967) . . . Jim Brown contemplates having his name removed from Hall of Fame, not a fan of the selection process (1990) . . . State senator accuses Joe Louis’ opponent of taking a dive (1941) . . . Larry Bird sits in the fourth quarter, one steal shy of the first regulation quadruple double in league history (1985) . . .

Tim Hardaway apologizes for his anti-gay remarks after John Amaechi comes out (2007) . . . Guatamalan soccer fans attack team with machetes (1977) . . . Group of Indianapolis ministers circulates petition seeking suspended sentence for Mike Tyson after rape conviction (1992) . . . Dave DeBusschere reports to spring training, plays both basketball and baseball (1964) . . . Gary Barnett reprimanded for his comments about Katie Hnida (2004) . . . Three players from Defending National Champion CCNY arrested in gambling bribery scandal (1951) . . . Will Willie Mays become one of the all-time greats? (1955) . . . Mike Webster, last link to the Super Bowl teams for Pittsburgh, announces retirement (1988).

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