TBL Oscar Poll: Best Supporting Actor and Actress

TBL Oscar Poll: Best Supporting Actor and Actress


TBL Oscar Poll: Best Supporting Actor and Actress

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are this Sunday. That’s the fancy way of saying the Oscars are this weekend. This week we’ll be taking a look at the major categories and voting on them using “polls” to see if the TBL public at large is in sync with the Academy voters. Today, cast your votes for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Personally, I doubt we’ll be that in touch with the Academy. These are the same old effers that don’t want Banksy to show up to collect his Oscar for Exit Through The Gift Shop unless he reveals the identity that he’s been hiding his entire professional life. I digress.

[poll id=”218″]

I’d have to go with Bale and everything I’ve read (I’ve read like 2 articles) says that he’s a monster favorite. Second place vote? Jeremy Renner’s accent. Geoffrey Rush was pretty good too.

[poll id=”219″]

Alice Ward was a very convincing Masshole harpy in The Fighter. I haven’t seen Animal Kingdom. Has anyone? Where is that playing?

Vote once. Pass the poll along to friends and co-workers if you want. Argue the merits of the nominees below if you must. Polls close on Sunday.

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