The Knicks Are About to Destroy Their Future and Lose A lot of Fans in the Process

The Knicks Are About to Destroy Their Future and Lose A lot of Fans in the Process


The Knicks Are About to Destroy Their Future and Lose A lot of Fans in the Process

Finally, good news to report on Carmelo Anthony: In 72 hours, the annoying, incessant, scuttlebutt about where he’ll end up (New York or New Jersey) will be over. The NBA trade deadline is the 24th. It can’t get here soon enough. My pithy thoughts on ‘Melo and the Knicks after the jump:

* The fact that Isiah Thomas is anywhere near negotiations is a fucking embarrassment. What Knicks’ boss James Dolan is doing to GM Donnie Walsh – who is responsible for building the current Knicks’ roster – is downright cruel. Walsh has cleared cap space – cleaning up the messes Thomas and Scott Layden made earlier this decade – and made the Knicks a playoff team. Knicks fans everywhere are outraged that Thomas is back in the mix, and if Dolan doesn’t get his head out of his ass and stop taking cues from Thomas, you can expect many Knicks fans to give up all hope on this team.

* For months, all signs have pointed to Anthony wanting no part of the Nets. So why on earth are the Knicks up their offer this week? Do they really think Anthony is going to New Jersey? Call the bluff, Dolan. There’s no way he wants to get stuck in Jersey without any freedom.

* Yeah, some of people are saying that giving up the 22-year-old Gallo and the 24-year-old rookie Mozgov is no big deal, but looking at the entire deal, it’s terrible. Assume Felton and Billups are an even swap (though Billups is 34 – do you think he can handle Felton’s minutes?), the Knicks would be giving up a Top 10 pick (Gallo), a first round pick (Chandler), another first round pick (coming from a mystery team for Anthony Randolph), and a promising 7-foot rookie who hasn’t played half a season. So three first-round picks and a 24-year-old 7-footer? That’s way too much for a scoring machine who does little else and only has gotten Denver out of the first round once in his career.

* Absolute worst-case scenario: The Knicks do what Denver wants and give up Gallo & Mozgov in the deal. That leaves them with this “Top 9”: Turiaf, Amare, Melo, Fields, Billups as the starters, with Douglas, Shawne Williams, Bill Walker and Balkman (from Denver). That roster isn’t winning a first-round series. Then, the draft: According to this link, it doesn’t look like New York has a 2011 1st round pick. So you’re stuck with that team. Then, the real concerns – because Melo and Amare will combine to make around $37ish million … can the Knicks even afford Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Dwight Howard, should they want to make a run at them?

* The big loser all along looked to be Denver. But not if they trade Melo to the Knicks and then do this rumored deal with Jersey. Denver will have cleared tons of cap room – though you have to wonder if anyone will want to go there – and have draft picks galore.

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