Phil Simms Was Once Young and Spry

Phil Simms Was Once Young and Spry

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Phil Simms Was Once Young and Spry


What we have here is a timeless Phil Simms workout video from 1987. To summarize, it’s an engaging jazzercise exhibition that primarily features Simms jogging in place while he introduces an array of fellow NFL workout partners. I should also mention that Phil is wearing a gold chain and sporting shorter shorts than Stacy Keibler.

In addition to our gracious host, the other groovin’ standouts are as follows: Rulon “Dauber” Jones for reasons self explanatory, Todd Christensen, a bruising Oakland Raider tight end who actually chose to approach this surreal setting seriously, Phil McKonkey, complete with neg-burns and incessant towel waving, and Tony Dorsett, who strolls in with a chick on each arm.

And just in case you were wondering, the really tan chick is reportedly Giant Panther’s sister.

[Video via Pro Football Talk]

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