Sidney Crosby's Sister Also Concussed

Sidney Crosby's Sister Also Concussed


Sidney Crosby's Sister Also Concussed

Sidney Crosby hasn’t played a game since early January because of a concussion. His sister, 14-year-old Taylor Crosby plays for Minnesota’s Shattuck-St. Mary’s prep school’s 16-and-under team. Taylor is also currently missing action because of a concussion. Since they’re brother and sister, maybe that means their family is more suspeptible to concussions.

What say you, Dr. Charles Tator?

“That’s not unusual, to have other family members who have been concussed,” said Tator. “I know several families that have all had concussions. We do wonder whether some families have a special susceptibility to concussion. But there’s no proof for this.”

Personally, I would look at other factors, like playing hockey. I don’t need science to tell me that people who get hit in the head run a higher risk of getting a concussion.

In related news, Jared Boll and Cam Janssen are more likely to become concussed while punching each other in the head than they are when they’re sitting on the bench.

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