Strikeforce Should Book Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko

Strikeforce Should Book Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko


Strikeforce Should Book Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko

Strikeforce has a great opportunity on their hands. Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko would be an awesome fight between two MMA legends. There’s barely any size difference between the two and there’s nothing to keep the fight from happening. Except for the usual stuff that always keeps Fedor from fighting someone.

Let’s start with Fedor. I’m comfortable saying that he is on the downside of his legendary career. (Even though he’s still only 34!) He’s coming off two loses. He’s mentioned the possibility of retiring. Who knows how much longer he’ll be around.

If this is indeed the twilight of Fedor’s career, who do you want to see him fight? Obviously, the big one is Randy Couture. While a few years ago that fight would have determined the greatest heavyweight in the world, today, it would be a fight that fans have wanted to see for ages. It would be the legends match, plain and simple. Both guys seem to be at the same point in their careers. Randy only wants important fights and hopefully that’s the way that Fedor feels as well.

Since Randy will never fight outside the UFC and Fedor and M-1 are bound to Strikeforce, it’s not going to happen. Its sad, but still the truth. We’ll never see that fight.

Fedor should only be fighting legends and Strikeforce has one other legend on their payroll – Dan Henderson. At 25-8 with titles in Strikeforce, Rings, Pride and the UFC, Hendo qualifies like no other fighter. Besides, who would you rather he fight?

Fedor apparently said he’s considering a permanent drop to light heavyweight which is a more natural weightclass for him. If he does drop to light heavyweight, people will complain that he shouldn’t be fighting for a belt since he’s coming off two loses. That makes sense.

So don’t put the belt on the line. Strikeforce doesn’t give a shit about their championship belts. The heavyweight belt went undefended for years. They give shots to fighters coming off loses. Let’s not pretend the Strikeforce light heavyweight belt is some grand accomplishment on par with winning a Pride Grand Prix.

People will argue that Fedor deserves no part of Hendo coming off two loses and that there are plenty of light heavyweight contenders for him in Strikeforce. Gegard Mousasi and Mike Kyle are meeting for a #1 light heavyweight contender fight, but who cares? Mousasi is a young buck. 25 years old with 34 fights under his belt. He or Kyle will be waiting after Henderson and Fedor face off.

I say let them fight at a catchweight around 215 or 220. Make Fedor cut some weight, tell Hendo not to worry. I’d rather see Hendo and Fedor fight people that matter than wait for Henderson to defend that stupid belt. Of course, none of this probably matters.

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