LeBron Flops, Heat Snap 5-Game Losing Streak

LeBron Flops, Heat Snap 5-Game Losing Streak


LeBron Flops, Heat Snap 5-Game Losing Streak

Did LeBron flop here in the final moments of the Lakers/Heat game last night? Or did he trip on Ron Artest’s ankles while getting in position to rebound? The referees called a push, and the Heat went on to ice the game at the foul line … but it looks to me like LeBron was doing his best soccer players impression.

After the Lakers’ second defeat to the Heat this season, Kobe decided to put on a bit of a show for reporters who were working on deadline … and come out and shoot for an hour. Was he pissed about a few bad decisions late? Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo nails Kobe’s calculated move:

He was beating himself up on the floor late Thursday, stealing the stage and sending a bleep-you to James and Wade: Enjoy your night out after a big March victory, because I’m staying back to turn out the lights in your gymnasium.

Bryant wanted the workout, wanted the chance to cleanse himself of missed shots and missed opportunities in the final minutes. Mostly, he wanted James and Wade to understand the lengths they’ll need to go to take his title away.

The loss dropped the Lakers 1.5 games back of Dallas for the No. 2 seed in the West. If the Lakers finish 3rd, they’re looking at Portland or Denver in the first round.

[H/T to flop video from Justin]

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