The Roundup: Terrifying Tsunami Video in Japan

The Roundup: Terrifying Tsunami Video in Japan


The Roundup: Terrifying Tsunami Video in Japan

Tiffani Amber-Thiessen… an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, creating a massive, terrifying tsunami (video below); Tokyo is paralyzed … this man has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts on his body … “Marijuana IPOs Provide Investors With Gateway to Cannabis Boom” … actress from ‘The Wire’ cuffed in major drug raid … is Dwight Freeney dating Damon Dash’s ex-wife? … humorous claim – women who get “checked out” allegedly get lower test scores” … 11th grader jumps off Golden Gate Bridge on a dare, breaks tailbone … nerdy writer argument! … The Situation failed miserably at the Trump Roast … she’s 23 and a grandmother … how to buy the right ipad (if you’re ordering one today) … Jessica Biel is single, and remember, she’s a great dancer

Totally missed: Kevin Love registered his 52nd double-double in a row Wednesday night. [Pioneer Press]

St. John’s guard DJ Kennedy is out for the year following an ACL injury against Syracuse. [Post]

Could a computer coach an NBA team? [Point Forward]

Is Jared Sullinger likely to pick one of these agents? [Sports Agent Blog]

Harvard vs. Princeton, Saturday, for a spot in the NCAA tournament. Harvard is 25-3, but with a loss, it doesn’t have a strong enough resume to make an argument for an at-large bid. [Globe]

Knicks got their asses kicked in Dallas, 127-109. Mavs had 72 at halftime. Billups sat out again. [Daily News]

High-end chefs are now serving frat houses? [WSJ]

George Karl hadn’t won a game in Phoenix since 1997, but the Nuggets rolled the Suns last night, 116-97. Denver now has a 1/2 game lead over Portland for the 5th spot in the West. That’s bad news for the Thunder. [Denver Post]

Just because I probably won’t say it today: Jim Tressel, fraud. [NYT]

Terrifying tsunami footage. Various TV reporters claim the speed of this water and debris is 500 mph.

Imagine if you hit this shot and you could watch it on YouTube forever … you’d want a new announcer, right?

Here are some transvestites fighting. I didn’t have the heart to make this an entire post. [via]

This is old, but considering March Madness is rapidly approaching, and everyone loves Raftery and Gus Johnson … it felt appropriate.

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