Zuffa Purchased Strikeforce

Zuffa Purchased Strikeforce


Zuffa Purchased Strikeforce

Zuffa bought Strikeforce. Zuffa, the company that owns the UFC, has somehow purchased their main American competitor. Dana White told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani that the two promotions will keep “business as usual” and remain separate entities. White said that there will be no “super-fights” and that the UFC still does not co-promote.

While this is what White is saying at the moment, that doesn’t mean that the UFC won’t eventually consume Strikeforce the way that it did with the WEC. In the short term, White said that they will start doing some little things. Hopefully, that means that Strikeforce’s production values will get better and their shows will more closely resemble the UFC’s.

White hasn’t said anything about the acquisition on Twitter yet, but this should signal the end of his gloating whenever Fedor loses.

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