The Fab Five Never Liked Christian Laettner

The Fab Five Never Liked Christian Laettner


The Fab Five Never Liked Christian Laettner

If this blog were around in 1991, and we had done a post similar to this one, Christian Laettner would have definitely topped the list. Shocker! Who likes a guy that stomps opponents?

Laettner, of course, had one of the most successful college basketball careers of anyone to play the sport. If you were to compile a list of post-1980 players, good luck finding three with a more accomplished career than Laettner (Patrick Ewing’s 3 title games in four years comes very close). Yes, some of the best players leave school early, but that’s their loss (or gain, financially). Even if you go back to the 60s and 70s, I still think Laettner is in the Top 15 for accomplishments, perhaps even Top 10. Among his list of accolades (I’ll spare you all the records he set, but they aren’t difficult to find on the web):

* Started in four straight Final 4’s
* 2 NCAA titles
* One Final Four MVP
* One ACC Conference Player of the Year
* One Naismith Player of the Year

Laettner’s NBA career was surprisingly decent – 13 years in the league and averaged double figures in scoring seven years. It’s tough to even call him a “bust” after getting drafted 3rd … the 1992 draft was pretty weak after Shaq and Alonzo Mourning.

That’ll be all for today. Enjoy the Heat and Spurs. Another heavy dose of college basketball tomorrow. This is the greatest week of the year.

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