NFL Draft 2011: Nobody Knows Anything

NFL Draft 2011: Nobody Knows Anything


NFL Draft 2011: Nobody Knows Anything

This is why I love the NFL Draft: In January, after Auburn won the title, Tigers’ DT Nick Fairley was obviously the consensus No. 1 pick in the draft. Then the pundits punched holes in his game and DaQuan Bowers of Clemson took the top spot (even though he was hurt and skipped the combine). Then Marcel Dareus of Alabama took his turn as the No. 1 pick because he was the “safest” defensive lineman.

March 9th: Mel Kiper had Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert going 1st to Carolina.

Recently, Cam Newton, the Heisman Trophy-winner and Combine beast (well, from a athletic perspective) surged to the top spot. On March 16, the Charlotte Observer wrote that the Panthers were obsessed with Newton, wining and dining the best player in college football last year, and going to take him first. The next day the paper had someone else write that Dareus would go first to the Panthers.


Fear not – Adam Schefter of ESPN (whose coverage of the lockout has been so insufferably one-sided it will leave you muttering curse words under your breath) declared Friday that he was hearing the Panthers are going Newton first overall.

So that settles it – Cam Newton is going first!

Next week: the frugal Panthers are going to take Julio Jones first, because they believe in Jimmy Clausen!

Anyone got a mock draft with the Panthers taking Patrick Peterson of LSU first?

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