What's Up with Empty Ballparks in MLB?

What's Up with Empty Ballparks in MLB?


What's Up with Empty Ballparks in MLB?


Here’s a screengrab of empty Yankee Stadium last night. The “official” numbers are only slightly down, but the number of people in seats is way down. Weather? Economy? It seems to be an early-season MLB trend story we’ll see a lot of this weekend.

Nobody’s showing up at Blue Jays games (this is a screen grab from last night), but hockey is still in season, so that’s probably a legit excuse. But since the Maple Leafs are going to miss the playoffs, what will be the excuse next month?

Absolutely nobody is showing up to Indians games. Cleveland couldn’t draw 10,000 for a weekend game against the White Sox, and even though the Red Sox are in town, fans in Cleveland don’t seem to care. Last night’s 9,025 fans at Jacobs Field was the smallest crowd Boston has played in front of in 11 years.

Here’s a photo of the paltry crowd at Wrigley Field, via the Sun-Times. The paper looks at the ugly early numbers:

Only 26,292 fans showed up Monday at Wrigley Field, the smallest crowd since 20,503 attended a game Sept. 11, 2002

The Cubs probably won’t be contenders this year, so perhaps fans are waiting for roster improvements, and will get back in the mix next summer?

MLB seems to set attendance records every year, but based on (very) early returns, that streak could be in jeopardy.

[NYY grab via @BubbaProg, Toronto grab via Lott]

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