Jay Cutler Went To Kenya

Jay Cutler Went To Kenya


Jay Cutler Went To Kenya

Jay Cutler took a two-week trip to Kenya with a non-profit organization last month. It was one of those perspective altering trips. ‘‘After all the turmoil we go through here, everyone thinks we have so many problems. But to see what they have to deal with and to see how grateful they are to have water is just amazing.’’ The story mentions Cavallari, but doesn’t mention her actually going to Africa.

But leaders of OneKid OneWorld still were impressed with Cutler’s commitment to their cause. At an all-girls school and orphanage, Cutler was left alone in a classroom full of high school students. When other volunteers later returned, they discovered Cutler teaching the girls physics.

Teaching physics, unprompted to African orphans. I guess his knee wasn’t hurt that bad.

[Chicago Sun Times, Image via Getty]

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