Celtics Dealing With "Emotional Hijacks"

Celtics Dealing With "Emotional Hijacks"


Celtics Dealing With "Emotional Hijacks"

The Boston Celtics are in a 2-0 hole, having lost the first two games of their series to the Heat in Miami. Saturday night they return home and try to salvage their season with a win or two in Boston. You know, if they can stop bickering amongst themselves.

“Emotional highjacks,” the Celtics coach said after yesterday’s practice. “And they always happen when you’re down or in the heat of battle. It always happens, but once you let it get to a point where it highjacks your team, then it’s never good. But it’s part of the game, in every sport and on every team.”

The main problem might be young point guard Rajon Rondo who has averaged 14 points and 9.5 assists in the series.

In perhaps the most blatant instance, Rajon Rondo stormed away from Paul Pierce as the Celtics captain attempted to make a point at the end of a timeout. Not long after, Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen appeared to be holding their own conference outside the greater team huddle.

I remember seeing that as TNT went to timeout. There are so many factors working against the Celtics. They traded Kendrick Perkins which broke the heart of Rajon Rondo and made Kevin Garnett realize he can’t get away with as many of his cheap plays with no big strong man there to back him up. Combine that with the fact that they might not be getting the favorable whistles against a team full of super stars like Miami and you’ve got the recipe for failure.

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