The Matt Hasselbeck Madness Must Stop

The Matt Hasselbeck Madness Must Stop


The Matt Hasselbeck Madness Must Stop

Blame ESPN. Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times nails the Worldwide Leader for creating a dead horse, and then beating it.

April, John Clayton of ESPN: Not optimistic about Matt Hasselbeck re-signing in Seattle.
April, Trent Dilfer of ESPN (NFL Draft Night): “Matthew Hasselbeck is not coming back to Seattle.”
May 9, Adam Schefter of ESPN (NFL Live): Hasselbeck not expected to return to Seattle.
May 10, Adam Schefter of ESPN: “The signs point to the two sides potentially reuniting again.”
Thursday, John Clayton of ESPN: Hasselbeck is “better than a 50-50 bet to re-sign with Seattle.”

Writes O’Neil:

ESPN’s coverage has been inconsistent, at times contradictory and it has shown the dangerous gray area that exists between a reporter stating a fact, an analyst offering an opinion and a former teammate making a prediction.

Now that Hasselbeck’s probably staying in Seattle, I’m looking forward to similar reporting about Kevin Kolb and perhaps Donovan McNabb.

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