Hopefully, This Dunk Won't Go to Taj Gibson's Head

Hopefully, This Dunk Won't Go to Taj Gibson's Head


Hopefully, This Dunk Won't Go to Taj Gibson's Head

Taj Gibson’s dunk on Dwyane Wade, so far, is the defining moment of the NBA playoffs. Wade went the self-deprecation route today on twitter when he said his kid dunked on him playing nerf basketball today and pretended to be Gibson. If you combine the top two Youtube videos of the facial, the dunk has already been viewed over 250,000 times in about 24 hours. The dunk – and don’t forget this one, late in the fourth quarter – did wonders for Gibson on the internet. He soared on the court and then right off of the google’s charts.

Game one was a victory for the NBA: It was the most-viewed game in the history of cable television (11.1 million), edging out the 2003 NBA All-Star game (Jordan’s last one of those). Great news for the NBA!

And now, the bad: According to the Sports Business Journal, this is how far apart both sides are when it comes to a lockout this summer:

The NBA’s initial proposal for a new collective-bargaining deal called for a $45 million per team hard salary cap along with non-guaranteed player contracts and significant cuts in annual salary increases.

The current cap? $58 million. That’s a 25 percent cut. So yeah. Very bad news. I’m trying to tune it out, but with no NBA games tonight, it’ll be difficult. Fortunately, the Thunder and Mavericks play in game one tomorrow night, plus, there’s the draft lottery (I promise to have a new Mock Draft later this week). The only other night over the next 10-ish days we won’t have an NBA game is Friday, so go ahead and make plans with your wife/girlfriend/significant other.

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