2011 Heisman Odds: Andrew Luck is Favorite, Kellen Moore Not Even on the List

2011 Heisman Odds: Andrew Luck is Favorite, Kellen Moore Not Even on the List


2011 Heisman Odds: Andrew Luck is Favorite, Kellen Moore Not Even on the List

Boise State should start the season in the Top Ten. Kellen Moore is a returning Heisman finalist. Some even project him as the best player in college football. The bookies, however, seem to have a different view of how Boise State’s receiver by committee will turn out. SBG Global released its initial Heisman odds (first reported here). Moore isn’t even on the list.

Moore may not be an NFL stud in the making. His floating deep balls may be deliciously easy to pick off in NCAA 2011. But he’s not one of the 12 best quarterbacks in the country? He can’t make a list that posits Maryland’s Danny O’Brien (60-1), Arizona’s Nick Foles (30-1) and Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins (33-1) as legit candidates? Perhaps, they think Moore’s candidacy dies the first week against Georgia. Aaron Murray (45-1) is listed.

The most bizarre line is Denard Robinson who is 5-1, tied for second favorite. I think Michigan will be better than expected, given Hoke’s charisma, Greg Robinson’s absence and their unimposing schedule.

Non-Conference Home : W. Mich, Notre Dame, E. Mich, San Diego St.
Conference Home: Minnesota, Purdue, Nebraska, Ohio St.
Conference Away: Northwestern, Michigan St., Iowa, Illinois

However, Denard is learning the West Coast offense. Even pared down and tweaked for his skill set, he’s still going to be running less and making more complex passing reads. He progressed greatly throwing the ball from his freshman to sophomore year. Though, even the comparatively simple passing reads he had to make in Rich Rod’s offense last year were often an adventure. They will get him into open-space enough to make plays, but 5-1 seems a bit strong.

The favorite is Andrew Luck at 5-2, which shouldn’t be surprising. He’s just a machine. In eight games last year after the Oregon loss, he threw 19TD to 3 INT and had at least a 70 percent completion rate in every game. They should be in the Pac 12 title mix. Their toughest games, Oregon and Notre Dame, are both at home.

SBG’s second favorites are Denard and South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore at 5-1, followed by LaMichael James and Landry Jones at 6-1 and Justin Blackmon at 10-1. Ryan Broyles and Trent Richardson are both 12-1.

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