Yardwork: Do Not Ask Armando Galarraga About His Rotation Spot

Yardwork: Do Not Ask Armando Galarraga About His Rotation Spot


Yardwork: Do Not Ask Armando Galarraga About His Rotation Spot

Diamondbacks pitcher Armando Galarraga experienced a bit of a rough outing against the Padres, allowing five runs on eight hits as Arizona lost to San Diego by a score of 8-4. When asked about the possibility of losing his spot in the rotation, he was visibly displeased. For a guy who was so graceful after painfully missing out on a place in baseball history last year, I’m surprised this line of questioning infuriated him so much.

What’s truly worrisome is why Galarraga has more clothes hanging in his locker than a prop closet. My favorite part though is when the footage cuts from a hostile Galarraga to a calm and reasonable Kirk Gibson, who I can easily picture taking a Sergeant Hulka “lighten up, Francis” approach with his irate pitcher:

Indians 19, Royals 1 — This is just brutal. Royals reliever Vin Mazzaro served up 14 runs on 11 hits and retired just seven batters in 2 1/3 innings of “work.” According to STATS LLC, whose database goes back to 1919, no pitcher has allowed 14 runs in fewer innings than Mazzaro. He was sent down to the minors after the game. Here’s a thought for the Kansas City mercenaries: why not remove him after he gave up the first seven? Patrick Roy must be furious watching these highlights.

Rays 6, Yankees 5 — The Yankees had a 5-1 lead on David Price, thanks in part to Curtis Granderson’s 14th homer (a three-run shot), but with A.J. Burnett on the mound, I’m not sure anyone ever felt safe. The wheels came off in the sixth for the who-farted-looking-pitcher with a two-run homer, wild pitch, RBI single, another wild pitch, and another two-run homer. That’s six straight losses for the Yanks but I have to admit, pinstripe panic mode in New York can be rather entertaining. Should be a fun day.

Nats 4, Pirates 2 — The Pirates have also lost six in a row! No question today is a dark day for baseball.

Braves 3, Astros 2 — Tommy Hanson is off to a great start and he had one of his best outings of the season: 7 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 10 K.

Marlins 2, Mets 1, 11 innings — The Mets are dealing with a ton of injuries this season and after five innocent innings in Flushing, Josh Johnson left with a bruised right forearm. I strongly advise all important players to stay the hell away from Citi Field. David Wright’s replacement Willie Harris wasted no time in contributing, making an obscene catch that prompted this humorous tweet from @MLB. Following the snare by Harris, several “David who?” tweets were crafted by multiple Mets fans. Hilarious!

Mariners 5, Twins 2 — The 12-27 Twins have lost nine straight for the first time since September of ’98. Ugly.

Reds 7, Cubs 4 — You have to appreciate the bluntness of Cubs manager Mike Quade. In reaction to a sixth inning meltdown that saw the Reds plate seven runs, Quade said: “‘You get beat, you struggle, but that was embarrassing. That s—’s got to stop … Nothing’s f—ing easy up here. You’ve got a nice 4-0 lead, Z’s cruising and everything’s hunky-dory. I got f—ing news for you. It ain’t routine till the freaking thing is over.”

Red Sox 8, Orioles 7 — Life with Kevin Gregg is a life unwanted. Here’s a summary of his ninth inning wizardry: Walk, walk, walkoff two-run double. I will continue to be amazed that Kevin Gregg is a closer for a major league baseball team until Kevin Gregg is no longer a closer for a major league baseball team. Unreal.

Cards 3, Phils 1 — Cliff Lee with a career worst six walks? Mark this day down because it will never happen again.

Rockies 7, Giants 4 — Timmy was not himself. The Who from Whoville gave up seven runs (four unearned), including two homers, and just like Clifton, walked six. ‘Twas not a splendid evening for big name pitchers.

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