Top 10 Jimmer Fredette NBA Draft Destinations

Top 10 Jimmer Fredette NBA Draft Destinations


Top 10 Jimmer Fredette NBA Draft Destinations

The NBA Draft order is set. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the #1 pick in the draft and they’re looking to rebuild. They also have the #4 pick. Will they use either on last year’s leading scorer in college basketball? Probably not, but we still need to figure out where Jimmer Fredette will go in the draft. After the jump are the 10 teams most likely to draft The Jimmer.

10. Cleveland Cavaliers (#1, #4)
I put the Cavs here because I’m terrified they will draft Jimmer and fulfill my worst nightmares. With all the awful things I have said about the city of Cleveland over the last couple years, it only makes sense that they would select – and thus doom – Upstate NY’s hometown hero. Jimmer would become the new Dajuan Wagner. I would never be allowed in the Glens Falls Civic Center again. The Cavs selecting Jimmer that early in the draft would truly be a curse in disguise.

9. Indiana Pacers (#15)
If they weren’t on this list somebody would have complained.

8. New York Knicks (#17)
There’s no way Jimmer falls this far, but the Knicks would be the best case scenario for his family, friends and fans. Empire Service on Amtrak would sell out the day of every Knicks’ home game. It would also save Jimmer’s family from having to drive to Utah and back 30+ times annually. With gas prices the way they are that would be a good thing.

7. Charlotte Bobcats (#9)
It would be a reach for Charlotte to grab Jimmer, but you never know. Maybe Michael Jordan sees something that we don’t. This is the man who selected Kwame Brown after all.

6. Miami Heat (no 1st round pick)
A long shot, but think about it… If Jimmer had left school early last year, he might have fallen all the way to #32 where the Heat could have selected him. Imagine Jimmer running the point for the Human Heat-ipede. What do the Heat need? A point guard who can knock down three pointers. Maybe they could swap some future picks in exchange to move up and grab the point guard they need. Tell me the Heat don’t go undefeated with that lineup.

5. Houston Rockets (#14, #23)
If there is great value in Jimmer, Daryl Morey will sniff it out. At some point Jimmer will be able to move on to a much better or much worse team, but the opportunity to start his career with a string of .500-ish season and never advance past the first round? Well, that’s a rare opportunity.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves (#2, #20)
Drafting another point guard is the obvious move for David Kahn. If this happens, I hope you all sign my petition for a 5th year at BYU.

3. Golden State Warriors (#11)
I’m in the camp that sees Steph Curry as Jimmer Fredette’s most similar peer in the NBA. Now imagine them in the same backcourt. The Warriors would win 10 games, but you have to admit the idea of two teammates combining for 35 three’s in a single game is intriguing. The league would finally have to consider implementing the 4-point line.

2. Phoenix Suns (#13)
Every single mock draft I have seen in the last month (that TBL didn’t write) has Jimmer going #13 to the Phoenix Suns. This would probably be the best thing for Jimmer’s career. He could learn from Steve Nash and never have to worry about shoveling a driveway again.

1. Utah Jazz (#3, #12)
If ever a college star and a professional basketball team deserved each other, it would be Jimmer and the Jazz. A Mormon star who spent 4 years down the road in Provo and has already played some home games in SLC. It is almost too obvious.

[Photoshops done by the one and only Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker]

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