Brian Sabean Just Can't Quit Old, Injured Veterans

Brian Sabean Just Can't Quit Old, Injured Veterans


Brian Sabean Just Can't Quit Old, Injured Veterans

Brian Sabean loves him some grizzled veteran. The Giants GM signed 34-year-old Mark DeRosa, fresh off wrist surgery to repair a tendon sheath, to a two-year $12 million deal before 2010. DeRosa has had 144 total plate appearances (.185/.264/.238), missing most of last season with…wait for it…wrist injuries. He’s being designated for assignment and may have played his last game. Sounds familiar.

You might say DeRosa was an ill-advised waste of $12 million. You would be a fool. DeRosa had a dramatice effect on the Giants’ performance, through osmosis. From the Contra Costa Times:

But as his teammates were quick to point out, DeRosa’s value to the club cannot be measured on the stat sheet alone. His guidance was instrumental to Pablo Sandoval, Jonathan Sanchez and several others during last season’s run to the World Series.

Brian Sabean is the guy who runs into Costco to buy meat for sale on its expiration date, except he ignores funky smells and insists on paying full price and leaving a generous tip. The Giants have $108 million through 2012 committed to Zito, Rowand, Huff, Sanchez, DeRosa and Tejada. (Zito has an additional $27 million through 2013). All are 33 or older. All are in varying stages of decomposition. Sabean is the same GM Felipe Alou accused of forcing him to watch players “die in his hands” in 2006.

Sabean’s modus operandi is flushing tens of millions per year of someone else’s money down the toilet. Somehow, the Giants manage to win in spite of him.

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