Dan LeBatard Thinks Derrick Rose Urinated on Himself; Ric Bucher Disagrees

Dan LeBatard Thinks Derrick Rose Urinated on Himself; Ric Bucher Disagrees


Dan LeBatard Thinks Derrick Rose Urinated on Himself; Ric Bucher Disagrees

ESPN’s Ric Bucher went on Dan LeBatard’s radio show Friday and the two had an interesting conversation about Derrick Rose. I’ll preface the rest with this: LeBatard is being (hilariously) insufferable about the Miami Heat playoff run. He’s greatly enjoying this impending dynasty and mocking media members throughout the country, as you’ll see in the videos below.

[On another radio show, Bucher actually compared Rose’s struggles at the end of game four – remember those two misses against LeBron in the final minute? – to Kobe Bryant’s airballs against the Utah Jazz when Kobe was an 18 year-old rookie, started only six games during the regular season, and averaged 7.6 points a game. Rose, mind you, was the NBA’s MVP this year. I’ll defend Derrick Rose, who I think is a great player … but that comparison is batshit crazy.]

From LeBatard’s radio spot with Bucher, which is extremely contentious at times:

LeBatard: He did everything but throw up on the front of his jersey …

Bucher: Look, he missed a clutch free throw … but considering everything, I don’t think there was a lot of difference between game five and game four …

LeBatard: He made a lot of fouls, every big shot was made in his face, and he had turnovers at the end and he missed a free throw. What else would he have had to have done for you to believe he hadn’t played well at the end? Urinate on himself?

Bucher: Uh, are we really having … I’m not sure why you asked me on … are we having a conservation, or are we making a joke of this?

LeBatard: [tries to saves the interview, asks the question in a less antagonistic manner]

Bucher: I didn’t think he threw up on his jersey and I didn’t think he urinated on himself.

a few questions later …

Jon “Stugotz” Weiner (co-host): “You haven’t like LeBron for a long time, why should we take you seriously?”

Bucher: “You’re the one who called me, I didn’t ask to come on the show.”

Bucher’s sticking to his guns here and actually comes off somewhat clueless about the NBA (fwiw, I’ve been a long-time fan). A reader noted that Bucher sounded similarly nuts on a recent Bill Simmons podcast, but I haven’t heard it yet. When you factor in the Dwight Howard incident … it’s been a tough postseason for Ric Bucher.

How much fun is LeBatard having with the Heat run? Witness (the Sammy Sosa part is hilarious):

I don’t think that one was as funny as the original, which made for epic radio after LeBron and Bosh signed with the Heat:

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