Ohio State Fans Are the Worst

Ohio State Fans Are the Worst


Ohio State Fans Are the Worst

This website has been around for a little over five years – today’s a big one-year anniversary! – and for whatever reason, a large number of people who comment and email are from Ohio. The Buckeye State is probably more well-represented than any other in the country. And there seems to be a preponderance of angry people in Ohio. Why is this? Sounds like a case study waiting to happen.

Angry Ohioans drove Kirk Herbstreit out of Columbus, and now they’ve turned their attention to Zack Meisel, a 21-year-old student at Ohio State. What did Zack do? Meisel, who is the editor-in-chief of the Lantern, Ohio State’s student newspaper,  co-wrote a story about former Buckeye Ray Small last week that drew national attention. Small quickly tried to say the paper twisted his words; audio tapes backed up their story.

Enter hate mail. Lots of it.

But not before an emailer wrote Meisel and predicted that The Lantern editor and Oldham were the most likely candidates to be found dead in the nearby Olentangy River.

“I did read through most of them, if not all of them,” says Meisel. “There were definitely more than 100. Some were, ‘Thanks for trying to take down our program.’ For all the fans who reacted negatively, half wanted me to move to Michigan, half wanted me to move to Nashville with Kirk Herbstreit. I wish there would have been a consensus.”

Hey Braxton Miller and interim coach Luke Fickell – good luck.

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