A-Rod's Cousin Yuri Is Back!

A-Rod's Cousin Yuri Is Back!


A-Rod's Cousin Yuri Is Back!

According to the New York Daily News, Alex Rodriguez’s cousin and former (!?) drug mule, Yuri Sucart, has been seen with A-Rod during some of the Yankees road trips this season. Cousin Yuri was banned from all team-related functions and facilities back in 2009 when A-Rod admitted to using steroids. Cousin Yuri brought those steroids from the Dominican Republic and called them “boli.” I seriously love everything about this story.

Sucart was spotted chauffeuring A-Rod around in spring training in ’09, prompting the Yankees to ban Sucart from team flights, buses and in restricted areas at stadiums and spring training sites.

“We have been in contact with the Yankees about this matter,” Rob Manfred, baseball’s executive VP of labor relations, told the Daily News Wednesday. “We are looking into it.”

Will Cousin Yuri again be punished? Or will Cousin Yuri’s boli help the Yankees overcome the Red Sox and their mysterious eye drops?

[NYDN, Image via Getty]

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