Rays No. 1 Pick Taylor Guerrieri Isn't Taking Their Calls

Rays No. 1 Pick Taylor Guerrieri Isn't Taking Their Calls


Rays No. 1 Pick Taylor Guerrieri Isn't Taking Their Calls

The Rays took 18-year-old high school pitcher Taylor Guerrieri with their first pick (24th overall) of the 2011 MLB draft. I would imagine being drafted by a Major League Baseball team at such a young age would be the equivalent of waking up with Kim Kardashian’s booty as a pillow and Stacy Kiebler’s legs as breakfast, but for whatever reason Guerrieri has declined to speak with reporters and has yet to return calls placed by the Rays following Monday’s draft.

When contacted by phone late Monday night, he said he had been instructed by his handlers not to conduct any interviews. Perhaps he’s disappointed he didn’t go as high as expected? Even if that were the case, the gag order sounds like an awful negotiation tactic considering there have already been typical reports of character issues floating around. An interview or even a cliche sentence or two on how grateful he is would have been a convenient way of coming across sane, unless of course Guerrieri truly does have immense issues and is more or less an overgrown version of Martin Short’s Clifford. Then all of this would make perfect sense. Nonetheless, the Rays are not concerned:

“With a lot of these guys, it’s just going to be a matter of letting things settle down and we’ll get with them,” scouting director R.J. Harrison said. “I intend to go in there next week or so to meet with the family, really emphasize to them the importance of getting him out playing, and we’ll just go from there.”

I’m interested in what Harrison’s findings might be. If we’re lucky, this kid will be a complete headcase and opt to sign with the Rays rather than accept a scholarship at the University of South Carolina, thus immediately joining Bryce Harper’s crusade in upping baseball’s asshole ante.

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