Bruins Get Another Dominating Win To Even The Series

Bruins Get Another Dominating Win To Even The Series


Bruins Get Another Dominating Win To Even The Series

We’ve got a series! Boston has now outscored Vancouver 12-1 over the last two games. Tim Thomas has allowed just 5 goals in 4 games and for the second straight game, he got into it with a Canuck near his net. This time it was public enemy #1, Alex Burrows. Burrows is becoming one of the most infamous players in hockey in this series. And not just with hockey fans. Casual, blog-reading sports fans probably think, “Alex Burrows? What a dick.”

Things went horribly yet again for Roberto Luongo. After this puck trickled in for Rich Peverly’s second goal, he finally got yanked.

Bill Simmons wrote for years about how he was done with hockey after the NHL lockout in ’94. Quite the coincidence that he came back just in time for the Stanley Cup run.

Here’s Michael Ryder with the second goal of the game. Tim Thomas would have grabbed that no problem.

And of course Brad Marchand did something awesome. First this goal.

Then he takes on the entire Canucks squad. I know its a small sample size, but I think Marchand is my favorite hockey player. Jimmer still doesn’t play hockey, right? OK. Marchand is my favorite player then.

Best of 3. Game 5 is Friday night in Vancouver. Will Luongo be in goal? If he is, will he stop any pucks from going into the net? Will Tim Thomas continue his insane backstopping? Goaltending people. That’s the name of the game.

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