The Roundup: Incredible Images, Uplifting Stories

The Roundup: Incredible Images, Uplifting Stories


The Roundup: Incredible Images, Uplifting Stories

Stacey Dash… Breastaurants sun explosionPipparetteselephant rampage in India… stop giving the elephants boozethis guy’s head tho… Google Map penis prankbear kills twoRussian roulette with a dog ends badly… world’s richest dog dies… baby sloth hugging child

A CFL team is negotiating with Terrelle Pryor. Playing professional football will be a rough pay cut for Pryor. [Forbes]

15-year-old girl with terminal cancer started a blog on Monday for friends and family. By Wednesday she was trending on Twitter, reading thousands of e-mails and comments and turning down donations. [Alice’s Bucket List]

This picture of a South Korean tank firing smoke shells during a drill is absolutely incredible. [BBC]

Do you like awesome old pictures of NBA players? [Hakeem Mutombo]

Interlude: Semisonic from 15 years ago.

10 best movie trailer songs. [Seattle Weekly]

I thought that would be the best picture I could show you today. Then a volcano erupted in Chile and the images are pure insanity. [Boston Globe]

The Texas Rangers selected paralyzed Georgia outfielder Johnathan Taylor in the 33rd round. [UGA Athletics]

The Houston Astros selected paralyzed San Jacinto College North pitcher Buddy Lamothe in the 40th. [MLB]

Braylon Edwards is paying for 100 kids to go to college. [TheRoot]

MMA dies another death in New York. I hate this state. [MMA Fighting]

Former NHL enforcer sets out on celebrity relay across Canada to raise money to build a children’s hospital. [Blues]

One-armed man robs a bank in Albany. [Fox23]

This woman looks terrified when the balls start to fly. [Via @traina]

One of the most amusing videos of a drunk person I’ve ever seen. [HyperVocal]

Jiu-jitsu champion thanks family, Seagal. [Via FilmDrunk]

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