Boston Rolls Back To Vancouver For Game 7

Boston Rolls Back To Vancouver For Game 7


Boston Rolls Back To Vancouver For Game 7

Brad Marchand got it started 5:31 into Game 6 and the Bruins never looked back. Milan Lucic and Andrew Ference followed over the next three minutes and Canucks’ goalie Roberto Luongo was pulled.

Luongo’s final damage inside the Boston city limits during the Stanley Cup Finals? Fifteen goals allowed on 66 shots in 111 minutes and 52 seconds of ice time. Some will say he’s wildly inconsistent, I just think he loves Zombie Nation. If Vancouver would allow him to goal tend with his iPod like they do at home, he’d be fine. Look for a solid performance on Wednesday when Luongoal gets his earbuds back at the boarder.

4-0 in the first period. That’s smart.

Here’s Milan Lucic with a medium-sized hit.

Finally, Vancouver broke through on a Henrik Sedin goal early in the third period. They’ll need more of those (Goals. I’m talking about goals) at home if they don’t want to crumble and let Boston fans celebrate another championship.

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