More Vancouver Riot Videos

More Vancouver Riot Videos


More Vancouver Riot Videos

Here are two cop cars getting destroyed and then set on fire. Some videos feature a mix of people doing the mindless destruction and people trying in vain to stop them. This one even has a brief flashing from a co-ed, so it might get yanked.

The same cop cars from a different angle. Small world.

This video isn’t such amazing quality, but the content… The young people in Vancouver lost their damn minds last night. I’m sure the police will make sure to try and find the guy with the long hair who sets the first car on fire. At about the 12-minute mark, it looks like some poor girl actually owns the car and has to watch it burn.

Also, I kind of called these riots. I’ve never been more disappointed to be wrong about Canada.

Finally, no riot video post would be complete without some idiot who can’t hold their camera sideways. And if you haven’t seen the National Post’s riot gallery, check it out. It’s breathtaking and disturbing.

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