NBA Draft: What to Believe When it Comes to All the Jimmer Fredette Rumors?

NBA Draft: What to Believe When it Comes to All the Jimmer Fredette Rumors?


NBA Draft: What to Believe When it Comes to All the Jimmer Fredette Rumors?

NBA Draft week rumors are exhausting. Especially when it comes to Jimmer Fredette, who is easily the most talked-about player in the 2011 NBA draft. Fredette’s a polarizing figure – everyone seems to root for him and enjoy watching him sink impossibly long shots … but a lot of folks think he’ll be a failure in the NBA because of his size, the competition he faced in college, because he’s white* and unfairly because of guys like JJ Redick and Adam Morrison before him.

The Knicks want to trade up for Jimmer!

No, they don’t. They wanted Jimmer. But yes, Jimmer wants them.

The Kings want Jimmer!

In a reportedly divided front office, a fraction seems to think Jimmer would sell tickets and be a splashy pick; others don’t think he’s the right fit or a natural point guard. Grantland thinks the Kings should take Jimmer, partially for comedic purposes.

What we do know: Jimmer wants nothing to do with the Milwaukee Bucks.

What we don’t know: If the Jazz take Brandon Knight 3rd, would they really take another guard – Jimmer projects as a combo guard – in the lottery? Now if the Jazz take Enes Kanter 3rd … book Jimmer going 12th?

What we do know: Jeff Goodman thinks Jimmer will be an epic bust, along the lines of Kwame Brown or Adam Morrison. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but he’s not high on Jimmer.

The ESPN highlights were scintillating because he always had three or four jaw-dropping shots. But what about the rest of the game, when guys were blowing by him and BYU coach Dave Rose had no other option but to go to a zone defense?

That was virtually ignored by ESPN.

Since the day that put him on the national map, way back on Jan. 26 against San Diego State out on the West Coast, Fredette made more than half of his shots just once in a game. In his final 15 contests, he had more turnovers than assists.

What we don’t know: Where does Jimmer’s girlfriend want him to go? And will Whitney Wonnacott be attending the draft?

What we do know: The Suns, picking 13th, like Jimmer! A lot! They also reportedly like Iman Shumpert of Georgia Tech, who I think is an inconsistent, inefficient, baffling talent. The Suns’ front office hasn’t displayed a grasp of the NBA over the last five years (though the Gortat trade was a smart one).

Ever since Fredette’s college career ended in the NCAA tournament, I’ve thought he was Utah-bound. I’ve had Fredette going 12th to the Jazz in both of my mock drafts. Nothing has changed.

* You know what the knee-jerk masses say about white players: Slow, can’t create their own shot, don’t play defense. This seems like a good time to mention the Steve Nash scouting report (scroll down) when he was entering the league out of Santa Clara.

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