Bucks-Kings-Bobcats Swap Crappy, Overpaid Players & Draft Picks

Bucks-Kings-Bobcats Swap Crappy, Overpaid Players & Draft Picks


Bucks-Kings-Bobcats Swap Crappy, Overpaid Players & Draft Picks

Finally, an NBA draft-day trade! The first of many?

Milwaukee gets: Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, and the No.19 pick from Charlotte.

Sacramento gets: John Salmons and the No.10 from Milwaukee.

Charlotte gets: Corey Maggette and the No. 7 pick from Sacramento.

If you’re curious about the contract figures involved, you’ll begin to ask yourself, “what were the Kings thinking?”

Jackson: Two years, over $19 million, all guaranteed.

Salmons: Four years, $31 million, over $24 million guaranteed.

Maggette: Two years, over $21 million, all gauranteed.

So the Kings are now going to turn around and trade Salmons, the No. 10 pick and Casspi to the Spurs in exchange for Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson, right? Otherwise, the Kings will be laden with chuckers in the backcourt: Tyreke Evans (their best player), John Salmons (a noted chucker; we’ve gone many rounds on this site over his worth), and Marcus Thornton (off-the-bench gunner who can score in bunches) … and that’s before they supposedly draft Jimmer 10th. Not to mention that Salmons has the worst contract of the bunch. So the Maloofs basically want to put butts in the seats with a team that loses 60 games but scores 115 a night?

The Bobcats – remember, Rich Cho, who is a Sam Presti disciple, is calling the shots – look like big winners (draft pending), picking up a slasher in Maggette (when he’s not hurt), and owners of the 7th and 9th picks in the draft. If they use the 7th pick on Tristan Thompson, what do they do with the 9th pick? Klay Thompson, perhaps? They already have a tiny point guard in DJ Augustin … would they add Kemba Walker, assuming he’s around? Do they stash a Euro?

Milwaukee added a dangerous scorer in Captain Jack (also: a dangerous nut-job in the locker room) and slid down in the draft to get … I’m not sure what.

[Salary H/T CBS Sports]

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