Keith Olbermann Bounced From Yankees' Old Timer's Day Duties

Keith Olbermann Bounced From Yankees' Old Timer's Day Duties


Keith Olbermann Bounced From Yankees' Old Timer's Day Duties

Keith Olbermann has been the in-stadium play-by-play guy for Yankees’ Old-Timers’ Day, which was played earlier this afternoon, for the last decade. This year, however, the Yankees decided to go in a different direction and relieved Olbermann of his duties. From the New York Post:

The Yankees were not happy with Olbermann posting a photo on Twitter earlier this season of a coach signaling pitches to their batters in the on-deck circle. So they decided to bounce the liberal loudmouth and will have Bob Wolff and Suzyn Waldman provide the commentary for today’s game instead.

Upon being made aware of the Post’s blurb, Olbermann provided reaction on his blog, Baseball Nerd. His only complaint was a fair one — though he followed up said complaint with tales of journalistic class and courage — considering no one from the Yankees alerted him of the decision and instead eventually found out about it from someone outside of the organization.

After eleven years of doing this, I think it would’ve been fitting if the Yankees had told me rather than let me hear it from somebody outside their organization the week before the event. It just seems like you’d want to preserve the dissemination of details about your company’s decisions like that to your company, rather than have a guy hear a rumor and then have to call up and ask.

The beauty of the response was how Olbermann humorously managed to work “Shamwow-Seller’s Headset” into his retort. While there is no way for anyone to know for sure why the tight-lipped Yankees would abruptly end a decade-long relationship, it’s rather obvious that the decision came as a result of Olbermann tweeting the aforementioned photos that prompted an investigation by MLB on Opening Day.

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