Jim Riggleman Has Already Found Work

Jim Riggleman Has Already Found Work


Jim Riggleman Has Already Found Work

Former Nationals manager and raging, anti-establishment badass Jim Riggleman has already found work, as he’ll be part of the pregame and postgame analysis on Comcast SportsNet for this weekend’s Cubs-White Sox series at Wrigley. Well that was quick.

Looks like his stern ultimatum to management and abrupt resignation in Washington likely just shut the door on managing in the big leagues again, while at the same time creating a quick path to landing broadcasting gigs — he’s crazy, he’ll say wacky stuff, the needle will move! — so I’d say things worked out more than fine for Jim Riggleman.

That of course comes with the understanding Jimmy behaves himself and resists the copious amounts of booze, enticing cleavage and general debauchery that make Wrigleyville so much damn fun.

[via USA Today]

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