All-Star Rosters Announced, C.C. Sabathia Not Selected

All-Star Rosters Announced, C.C. Sabathia Not Selected


All-Star Rosters Announced, C.C. Sabathia Not Selected

The American League and National League All-Star Starters, Reserves, and Pitchers were announced today with the Selection Show on TBS, which will also broadcast the game on Tuesday, July 12th.

After the fan voting selected the All-Star starters (all field positions and a DH in the AL, field positions in the NL), the players and managers (Ron Washington of Texas and Bruce Bochy of San Francisco) filled out the rest of the roster with their picks–13 pitchers and 20 total field players, with managers needing to assure at least one player from each club. In addition, fan voting will add one more player in each league.



  • DH: David Ortiz, Boston
  • C: Alex Avila, Detroit
  • 1B: Adrian Gonzalez, Boston
  • 2B: Robinson Cano, New York
  • SS: Derek Jeter, New York
  • 3B: Alex Rodriguez, New York
  • OF: Jose Bautista, Toronto
  • OF: Curtis Granderson, New York
  • OF: Josh Hamilton, Texas


  • DH: Michael Young, Texas
  • C: Russell Martin, New York
  • C: Matt Wieters, Baltimore
  • 1B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit
  • 2B: Howie Kendrick, Anaheim
  • SS: Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland
  • 3B: Adrian Beltre, Texas
  • OF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston
  • OF: Carlos Quentin, Chicago
  • OF: Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota
  • OF: Matt Joyce, Tampa Bay


  • SP: Josh Beckett, Boston
  • SP: Gio Gonzalez, Oakland
  • SP: Felix Hernandez, Seattle
  • SP: Justin Verlander, Detroit
  • SP: David Price, Tampa Bay
  • SP: James Shields, Tampa Bay
  • SP: Jered Weaver, Anaheim
  • SP: C.J. Wilson, Texas
  • RP: Chris Perez, Cleveland
  • RP: Aaron Crow, Kansas City
  • RP: Jose Valverde, Detroit
  • RP: Mariano Rivera, New York
  • RP: Brandon League, Seattle

Fan Voting for Final Player:

  • Kansas City LF Alex Gordon
  • Baltimore CF Adam Jones
  • Chicago 1B Paul Konerko
  • Detroit DH Victor Martinez
  • Tampa Bay UT Ben Zobrist

First, the All-Star roster included James Shields, who I snubbed in my 30 #1 pitchers post yesterday. I had originally written that post out in narrative form and once I got up to about 25 pitchers and about 2,000 words realized I needed to cut back, and left Shields off my condensed summary. I’m sure he’ll get over it with his first real All-Star selection and league leading number of complete games.

The voters got it right, or at least generally acceptable, with the notable exception of Derek Jeter. Oh well. We’ve known that was coming for a while now. His teammate, though, C.C. Sabathia, was perhaps the most shocking omission, showing just how much the wins statistic has dropped off, and remember, it was the players and manager who picked 8 other starters instead of C.C.

Most of the reserve selections were justified, given the rules that each team must be represented. My vote for the final spot would be Alex Gordon, but I’m biased. I think Adam Jones or Gordon are the two choices here, though Zobrist would give some versatility for late game switches if the game goes extra innings.


  • C: Brian McCann, Atlanta
  • 1B: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
  • 2B: Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee
  • SS: Jose Reyes, New York
  • 3B: Placido Polanco, Philadelphia
  • OF: Ryan Braun, Milwaukee 
  • OF: Lance Berkman, St. Louis
  • OF: Matt Kemp, Los Angeles


  • C: Yadier Molina, St. Louis
  • 1B: Joey Votto, Cincinnati
  • 1B: Gaby Sanchez, Florida
  • 2B: Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati
  • SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado
  • SS: Starlin Castro, Chicago
  • 3B: Chipper Jones, Atlanta
  • OF: Justin Upton, Arizona
  • OF: Jay Bruce, Cincinnati
  • OF: Hunter Pence, Houston
  • OF: Carlos Beltran, New York
  • OF: Matt Holliday, St. Louis


  • SP: Roy Halladay, Philadelphia
  • SP: Cliff Lee, Philadelphia
  • SP: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
  • SP: Cole Hamels, Philadelphia
  • SP: Jair Jurrjens, Atlanta
  • SP: Matt Cain, San Francisco
  • SP: Tim Lincecum, San Francisco
  • SP: Ryan Vogelsong, San Francisco
  • RP: Jonny Venters, Atlanta
  • RP: Joel Hanrahan, Pittsburgh
  • RP: Heath Bell, San Diego
  • RP: Brian Wilson, San Francisco
  • RP: Tyler Clippard, Washington

Fan Voting for Last Spot

  • Washington 1B/OF Michael Morse
  • Philadelphia OF Shane Victorino
  • Los Angeles OF Andre Ethier
  • Colorado 1B Todd Helton
  • Arizona SP Ian Kennedy

Another pretty solid effort for the fans. Reyes overtook Tulo with his hot month in the fan voting, and Kemp moved into the starter spot. Placido Polanco is the weakest link, but then again, third base in the National League didn’t have a good candidate this year. My guess is that either Votto or Holliday will step into the starting lineup as they go to a DH in NL parks this year. Congratulations to Gaby Sanchez, a deserving All-Star at a loaded position.

Bruce Bochy took 3 of his own starters when he made Ryan Vogelsong a pick. I don’t have a problem with taking Vogelsong in a vacuum. He’s been a revelation this year out of nowhere. It’s taking Vogelsong along with Cain and Lincecum, where we are using two different standards. If it is best so far in 2011, then some pitchers like Cueto and Chacin and Kennedy (who is on the fan ballot) would have merited a look also.

I was a little surprised that Arizona, the host team, only got one pick so far (Upton) as they had reasonable candidates at several positions, so Kennedy would be my choice in fan balloting. In looking over the NL roster, they already have plenty of outfielders and first basemen to use.

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