C.C. Sabathia Was Snubbed! Boo-Hoo

C.C. Sabathia Was Snubbed! Boo-Hoo


C.C. Sabathia Was Snubbed! Boo-Hoo

With the All-Star rosters being announced yesterday it’s time to start bitching about the players that didn’t get in. Ron Washington selected C.J. Wilson and David Price and “passed over” CC Sabathia despite his official ranking as the 8th best starting pitching in baseball.

Sabathia will still make the team, but be ineligible to play because of MLB’s rules about starting pitchers the Sunday before the break.

Right now, Felix Hernandez, James Shields and Justin Verlander are scheduled to do just that. The chances that one of them ends up staying on rotation and making that start are very good.

Sabathia is also scheduled to pitch on Sunday. But as soon as one of those three pitchers in front of him throws a pitch, Sabathia makes the All-Star team. He would then be replaced if he pitches on Sunday. Still, he makes the team. He can go to Phoenix if he wants to and be introduced, he would get any bonus in his contract if there is one.

See? The All-Star selections are even more meaningless than you might have already realized!

He only needs one starter to become ineligible on that final Sunday to get Sabathia on the team. He may need a gaggle of them to get Wilson or Price.

“C.J. is very deserving,” Washington said. “There wasn’t a whole lot of choices on left-handed relievers. C.J. had the experience of doing that. He’s deserving, as far as I’m concerned, of being on the All-Star team, so I chose him.”

So publications like the Star-Ledger can kindly shut up about snubs. Though, before they do, they provided one of the greatest sentences in modern sports journalism.

Although there are conspicuous players absent from the All-Star roster, the Yankees were not forgotten in the process.

The Yankees don’t even have 20% of the players on the AL squad! If only they would play Yankees vs. Everybody Else’s All-Stars! When will this travesty be righted!?


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