Twitter Was Vociferous in its Displeasure of Chris Berman Ruining the Home Run Derby

Twitter Was Vociferous in its Displeasure of Chris Berman Ruining the Home Run Derby


Twitter Was Vociferous in its Displeasure of Chris Berman Ruining the Home Run Derby

The internet despises ESPN’s Chris Berman, but you already knew that. ESPN’s biggest blowhard called the home run derby last night, and always-angry twitter nation flung bile at Berman all night. Below is an unedited sampling of the beating Berman took from fans. Two people, including an NBA player, said nice things about Berman. You can find those at the bottom. For the 3rd year in a row, I completely avoided the home run derby. I watched Green Zone (very good) and then some of Argentina-Costa Rica and the end of a repeat episode of Gossip Girl.

Catching a little HR Derby, a shame that bafoon Chris Berman ruins this event every year. His cartoon commentary & antics got old years ago – via

Every time Chris Berman says “Back back gone”, God punches a hungry Ethiopian baby. – via

Quick question, why does ESPN let Chris Berman announce anything? The man ruins the event with his miserable commentary. – via

Dear Chris Berman: You’re not funny, your schtick is old & the entire internet hates you. I wish you’d go back back back back back GONE! – via

Enough of the HR Derby… and enough of Chris Berman. I’d rather watch flies hump. – via

Bose noise cancellation headphones are terrific, but even they are no match for Chris Berman on a jacked-up mic at Chase Field. – via

I think we can all agree that Chris Berman has jumped the shark. In fact, most of us would like to feed him to the sharks. – via

Quick list of all Chris Berman has made less enjoyable or outright ruined: MLB, NFL, NBA, ESPN, Leather, Applebees – via

Watching the HR derby & I think Chris Berman is the most annoying person in the world! PERIOD er exclamation, er whatever you get it – via

Sorry to get political but who is more hated… Chris Berman or G W Bush in 2008? – via

I wish Ichiro was in Home Run Derby. He could precision hit it into Chris Berman‘s mouth – via

What would be cool is if Prince Fielder hit a foul ball right into Chris Berman‘s face. – via

Remember when the Home Run Derby was fun? Like, before Chris Berman was involved? – via

For the love of everything good & holy, would someone shut Chris Berman up? Usually don’t advocate violence but, you know, the greater good. – via

I’m boycotting the All-Star Game because of SB 1070, and the Home Run Derby because of Chris Berman – via

Someone get Chris Berman an Orioles hat so David Ortiz can go punch him. – via

I just broke my record for “least amount of Chris Berman tolerated,” muting the Home Run Derby in under 9 seconds after turning it on. – via

Home Run Derby with Chris Berman announcing is the rare combination of very dull and very loud. – via

And yes, there were two positive reviews!

I know I’m supposed to hate Chris Berman in the #HRDerby. I don’t. Who could do more with this event? How would “better” sound? He’s fine – via

Say what you will about him but Chris “Hey Leather, you’re with me” Berman fires me up to watch some HRs. – Shane Battier

[Second pic via Hank Haney’s wife; screen grab via @Jose3030]

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