Horrible Bosses: Charlie Day vs. Jason Sudeikis

Horrible Bosses: Charlie Day vs. Jason Sudeikis


Horrible Bosses: Charlie Day vs. Jason Sudeikis

I saw Horrible Bosses last weekend. It looked like one of those comedies that wouldn’t be funny despite the fact that it involved funny people and had some decent gags in the trailer. When most of the reviews came back positive, I though it would be worth a shot. It was. Horrible Bosses was funny. There’s really not that much to review. That’s why I’m going to use Horrible Bosses as an excuse to tell you why Charlie Day is forever worth your time and Jason Sudeikis probably isn’t

If Horrible Bosses becomes a memorable film, it would be for two reasons – Jennifer Aniston looks insanely good and Charlie Day is insanely funny. You get a clip of Aniston eating bananas and hot dogs in lingerie in the trailer. It’s solid acting.

As for Charlie Day, he’s the best. When It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia debuted in 2005, had anyone heard of Charlie Day? Based on IMDB, not unless you saw Third Watch. Now, I don’t think I’m talking out of school when I say that Charlie Kelly is one of the funniest television characters in the history of the medium.

Even if the characters he plays on the big screen are just more normal, or well-adjusted versions of Charlie Kelly, I can’t complain about that. Charlie Day is funny. Always. I’m not familiar with Third Watch, but I bet its hilarious.

On the other hand, we have Saturday Night Live’s Jason Sudeikis. In Horrible Bosses, Sudeikis plays a sex-crazed guy who hates his boss. He’s kind of douchey and fairly funny. I guess. The fact that he plays most of his scenes alongside Charlie certainly doesn’t make him any more memorable.

Hall Pass
This is the other big comedy Sudeikis was in this year. This movie looked awful. I had no intention of seeing it, but the girlfriend and I were bored at the mall on a Sunday, February 27, 2011. We walked by the movie theater and Hall Pass was scheduled to start in 5 minutes. That’s when I made a horrible mistake and said, “Let’s see Hall Pass. It can’t be that bad.” Famous last words, my friends.

Sudeikis played a sex-crazed married man. Owen Wilson plays the same thing. Both of them suck. If you’ve seen the trailer for Hall Pass, you’ve seen every single funny part. Hall Pass was atrocious. Of all the things that weren’t funny about this film, Sudeikis, as a star was a big part of the problem. While a movie about men cheating on their wives probably shouldn’t have a good guy, there was nothing redeeming about Sudeikis or Wilson in this film. They weren’t charming or funny.

Going The Distance
Which brings me to this movie which looked awful. Going the Distance looked like an awful, by-the-numbers Drew Barrymore RomCom. (Footnote: Drew Barrymore is on the FeMount Rushmore of RomComs alongside Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigl.)

Surprise – It’s not awful. It’s terrific. I watched this movie on the plane back from Vegas and loved it. Since it came on HBO a couple weeks ago, I’ve watched it four more times. If it’s playing on HBO while you’re reading this, I’m probably watching it. And a big reason is that Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are in it.

Day and Sudeikis are basically in every scene with each other. They both play the comic relief best friends. Day is the quirky guy funny guy and Sudeikis is… wait for it… the sex-crazed guy with a mustache. Unsurprisingly, Day blows Sudeikis out of the water again. Maybe he just has the better material. Maybe it’s the full beard versus the mustache. I don’t know.

It seems like this is supposed to be the year that Jason Sudeikis becomes a big comedic star. He’s been on SNL since 2003, he hosted the MTV Movie Awards (A spot given to a giant star who says yes or a comedian breaking out.) and starred in a couple movies with big advertising budgets. It  just needs to be pointed out that Jason Sudeikis is not in the same class as Charlie Day. I really want to like Sudeikis, but so far he’s either been overshadowed in a good movie or starred in a shitty movie. I’ll just have to settle for really liking Charlie Day.

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Also, it should be noted that Sudeikis has appeared on Always Sunny.

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