Judge Declares Mistrial In Roger Clemens Case

Judge Declares Mistrial In Roger Clemens Case


Judge Declares Mistrial In Roger Clemens Case

The Roger Clemens trial is over, for now. According to ABC News Roger Clemens will get a new jury, as the judge has declared a mistrial because the current jury has been contaminated with false court-un-approved facts. Via ABC News:

The judge halted proceedings this morning over complaints from the defense about the prosecutors use of information the judge had banned – and then the judge quickly accepted their concerns and declared a mistrial.

The defense had complained that prosecutors had not followed a pretrial ruling to limit information about conversations fellow ballplayer Andy Pettitte had with his wife about the use of human growth hormone.

The search for 12 new redneck Hall of Fame-caliber pitchers with ridiculously spiked hair will begin soon.

The New York Daily News has more info on the Pettitte conversations:

In the 2008 clip, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) praised pitcher Andy Pettitte and discussed an affidavit Pettitte’s wife Laura gave Congress in which she said her husband told her Clemens had acknowledged using growth hormone.
Walton previously ruled Laura Pettitte’s testimony was double hearsay and could not be brought up except on rebuttal.

He also said Cummings’ praise for Pettitte, a key witness in the case, would unfairly prejudice jurors.

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